We've all been quarantined for a few weeks which really sucks. But there is a bright side - we are saving money.


Home Snacks has devised a Coronavirus Ka-Ching Money Saving Calculator.

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Let's focus on the positive. First, don't look at your 401K. That's probably not looking all that great. But Home Snacks looked into how much money we spend that we simply can't because of the quarantine. On things like gas, eating out and childcare. Plus another bonus could be the time you are spending with your family - or at least your cat.

Home Snacks calculated how much we spend using national averages - so obviously, these can vary by state or city. Eating out in San Francisco is way more expensive than eating out in Boise. Here are their figures:

  • Getting take out -- $10/person each time
  • Going to restaurants -- $27/person each time
  • Going to bars -- $40 a trip
  • Commute savings -- $.59/mile each way
  • And childcare savings -- $900/mo

Now comes the fun part. See how much YOU save. Plug in a couple of items and feeeeeel the savings.



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