Over 8,000 people are now members of Costco, which opens tomorrow.

To say we are excited is one thing. To see the numbers is completely different! Before the doors even open, over 8,000 people have bought memberships. A basic membership will run you $60 a year!


WMTW went to Costco, and you'd never know it wasn't open. Delivery trucks were there as people were lined up to get memberships. Craig Russell, who lives in Scarborough, told WMTW,

I think it's the quality of the product you get there. I belonged when I was out in Seattle which is where Costco started as a company. And really there's nothing you can't find there that you need.

The new Costco is located at the new development of The Downs in Scarborough. Instead of harness racing, it's racing to save money!

Why is Costco in Maine such a big deal?

Good questionm since Sam's and BJ's have been in Maine for a long time. But Costco is different. They are legendary for what you can buy and how cheap it can be! One of the legendary items is their three-pound rotisserie chicken! It's only $4.99. It's actually cheaper than the uncooked chicken they sell. So why so cheap? It gets you in the door, and they know you'll buy other things that will easily make up for that loss.

Plus, brilliant move. They put these delicious big birds in the BACK of the store. So you know you'll pass by 1,000 items you simply must have!

Did more people than the population of Buxton, Maine, sign up for memberships?


Yup. As of this writing, there were 8,500 memberships, and the population of Buxton, Maine, is 8,310.

I think I'll have to experience Costco for myself, but I'm definitely waiting a couple of months before I step into the madness!

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