What the heck are you guys doing in New Hampshire?

Home Snacks used the latest data on incomes, jobs, and poverty, and then identified the richest states. New Hampshire wasn't just in the top ten, which would have been impressive. Ohhhhh, no. They are firmly number one! The top 10 have different reasons for being 'rich', but they do include robust industries, high-income residents, and a solid financial infrastructure.

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They also took into account the poverty level in every state, because as they put it, a state is only as rich as its worst-off residents. According to Home Snacks, these are the 10 most affluent states.


According to Home Snacks, the stats of New Hampshire are pretty impressive.

Population: 1,372,175
Rank Last Year: 1 (No Change)
Median Income: $83,449 (Seventh best)
Poverty Level: 7.4% (First best)
Unemployment Rate: 3.8% (Sixth best)

Looking at the whole United States, you see a pattern of southern states coming in poorer. Maybe it's the cold air of the north. Do you just want to stay inside and work?


Maine comes in pretty much dead center. But look at you, tiny little New Hampshire. High income, low poverty rate, low unemployment, you guys are doing something right! New Hampshirites (is that a thing?) work hard, and the workforce is among the best educated in the country. Better education tends to mean higher-paying jobs. Is it the no income tax? Some of the richest towns in New Hampshire are Hampton and Londonderry. As Home Snack pointed out,

...don’t get much fancier sounding than that.

I don't know how you did it tiny New Hampshire, but good for you for making money!

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