A new report came out this week about where you live and how long you will live. Blah, blah, blah...what's life expectancy in Maine?

A new report shows that life expectancy is rising generally in America...but in some counties, it's going the exact opposite way.

It appears that geography has a lot to do with how long you are going to live. And that geography could be just a county away.

There are 10 counties in the country where life expectancy has dropped the most since 1980. Get this, 8 of those are in Kentucky. The other two are in Oklahoma and Alabama.

But let's get down to getting down. What's the average age in Maine?


Here's the interesting part - that's actually ABOVE the average.for the country which is 79.08.

There is an interactive map, that if you dive into it - you can not only figure out when you are going to die, but from what!


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