I taught Alden how to make his favorite chicken. I'll explain his hat too.


So, we've been a family of basketball lately. Tons of basketball, so many games....

It started with Friday night at an actual Celtics game! So awesome. First ever! That hat is from the Celtics. It's a hat that is shaped like a visor with green hair on the top. Alden is wearing it backwards.

Anyway, Alden had a birthday party to go to Saturday. I took Alden to the birthday party while the rest of the gang was up in Jay at a basketball tournament. After the party, we had some quality time.

I decided that we would make my 'Famous Panko Chicken'. He loves it. It's a pain in the butt. You have to dip each thin cutlet into flour, then egg, then panko. Then fry each cutlet..blah, blah, blah - awesome chicken! it's a messy process. But I found a way to clean it all up.


I think that may be the last time I'm left alone with one of the boys...



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