J&J Jamaican Grocery and Gift Shop

J&J Jamaican Grocery and Gift Shop is a recent addition to the midcoast town of Damariscotta, Maine having moved into their 88 Main Street location earlier this year.

Owners Keleen Watson and Peter Ebanks had a mission to bring authentic Jamaican flavors to the small tourist town as well as unique gifts.

In the store, customers can find Jamaican snacks, sodas, spices, handmade jewelry, and more.

The Smoker

A few weeks after opening the store, J & J unveiled their smoker with promises to serve freshly made jerk chicken and jerk pork regularly.

Cease and Desist

The tasty smoked Jamaican flavors didn't last long, however. Issued to the store on Sunday, August 1st was a cease and desist letter that stated that the smoker "is causing a nuisance as defined by Maine State Statue," and that the smoke from the smoke is causing harm to nearby businesses.

There is no offical word on who made the complaint or if the individual(s) making the complaint tried to address the matter privately first.

Surrounding J & J is a Thai restaurant, a bank, a yarn store, and other retail shops.

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