There was recently a post on the r/Maine Subreddit titled "Piss off r/Maine in one sentence" and boy did it blow up. It gave me a chuckle and I'm sure it will give you a chuckle, too.

You see, we Mainers can be sensitive at times about some things. It's all rooted in pride, and I can say that being a lifelong resident.

And yes, as someone that has been alive and thus lived here for nearly 32 years, I am more of a Mainer than someone who has lived here for 40 years, I'll die on that hill. Hey, I'm not the one that makes the rules.

The responses roasted us royally. From our sometimes bizarre food choices to our exports, to the out-of-staters, some of the responses hit a bit too close to home. You gotta laugh at yourself once in a while, right?

I mean how many states rename their Minor League Baseball Team the "Maine Bean Suppahs"?

How many states have a general store that sells guns, wedding gowns, and beer all under one roof? (Shout out to Hussey's General Store in Windsor!)

We're certainly unique up here and I think the important thing to remember is that we're laughing at ourselves! We razz each other just as much as we razz people from away. It's done with love, most of the time.

Check out the hilarious responses below. Are there any you would add? Let us know what you think and send us a message through our must-have station app!

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