Construction along the toll plaza in Scarborough where the Maine Turnpike meets I-295 seemed like it would never be finished but yesterday the northbound exit from the Turnpike opened to E-Z pass users who now can zip through the area at highway speeds, and adding the number of highway speed E-Z Pass booths to 4 in the state.

This should speed up traffic coming of the turnpike year round, but it will really make a difference during the busy tourist season.

There is still a toll collected at that exit, but Mainers know how to get around that. Those with an E-Z Pass won't even have to slow down coming off the 'pike onto I-295, and soon drivers getting on the 'pike from I-295 will be able to do so at highway speeds also, as soon as that side is finished.

Drivers will still have to be a bit cautious as demolition of the old toll plazas will begin in two weeks so there will still be detours and reduced speeds until the project is complete, the Associated Press reports.

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