It's never a good sign when you can't even make it into your workplace without dropping the most important thing! It only got worse.


So, this is the entrance to One City Center. As you can see from the giant puddle (16 ounces of puddle to be exact), that I started off my day on a bad note.

Poor Mike the security guard at One City Center had to clean up my mess. He's such a good guy. I scurried up to work...without the most important preparation tool

No problem, got some when Dunkin' opened in the building.

Did the show. Got off the show. Did some show stuff...then went down to the street to put in money for the meter. I usually push it to 10-1030 am before I plug in money. It works most of the time.

Not today. Here's what was on my car.


I got a boot. Only idiots get boots. Color me idiot.


It was a Monday in every sense of the word.

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