Last weekend I revisited a childhood favorite movie, The Brave Little Toaster.

I couldn't help but laugh at how, well, messed up that movie was! And I mean that from a place of pure adoration for the film.

You have a terrifying death scene of an air conditioner, a toaster about to fall into a bathtub, and of course the toaster sacrificed himself by thrusting his body into the gears to stop them before crushing his master. Thankfully, in the end, he got fixed right up.

This got me thinking of other things from my childhood that were kind of messed up but I loved anyway. The first thing to come to mind? The children's book The Tailypo: A Ghost Story.

I don't even think we ever owned this book growing up but it was a go-to when visiting the library. I very clearly remember my grandmother and mother reading it to me and my brother. Even to this day, I'll refer to my cat's tail as a "Tailypo".

The quick gist of the story is a man who was visited in his cabin at night by a creature with a long furry tail. He chopped the tail off and the creature ran off. Still hungry from dinner, he cooked it up and was finally full. After going to bed he was awoken by a creature scratching its way up the cabin and he heard a voice demanding its "Tailypo" back. His dogs chased it away multiple times, until one time, they never returned. In the end, the creature returned to the old man's cabin and killed him, and destroyed his cabin. Finally getting his "Tailypo" back.

Kind of messed up for a children's book, huh? But again, we loved it growing up!

HMH Books for Young Readers (September 17, 1984) Photo via Amazon
HMH Books for Young Readers (September 17, 1984) Photo via Amazon

So it got me thinking, are there any books, TV shows, or movies that, looking back, you're surprised you loved so much or were aimed at kids? Let us know via the app!

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