The fam went to Boothbay Harbor to one of my favorite places for a birthday dinner. I couldn't believe what I found in my food!


If you've never been to The Lobster Dock, you've got to swing by if you find yourself hungry in Boothbay Harbor. It's on the water (check) it has amazing seafood (check) and a sense of humor (check).

(they also have a sign that says 'Fresh seafood isn't cheap, and cheap seafood isn't fresh')

I'm sure they have amazing food, but I really wouldn't know, because I ALWAYS get the same thing: fried oysters. They are the best I've ever had...and they aren't that common a menu item.

Well, well, well...imagine my surprise when I bit down on THIS!

Isn't that a pearl? Don't pearls come from oysters? I've been eating oysters for..let's just say a long time...and I've never found anything like this.

Now, it's tiny. It is not the size of your basic pearl - so, I'm thinking it's like a rare almost done pearl. Is that a thing?

Is this sucker a pearl or did the oyster I ate have a kidney stone?

I'm going with that it's pearl and Jen is going with that she planned the whole thing to give me a pearl for my birthday.


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