I have tried and tried and tried to like these candies invented right here in Portland, Maine! But alas, I think they are icky.


They are the Needham.

I thought I would love these things. Coconut? I'm a huge fan! Potato? Like me a potato just as much! Together they make Needhams...and I can't stand them.

According to Food online, this is what Mimi in Maine says about the Needham:

Needhams are typical to Maine. They originated in Portland, Maine by a candy maker who had attended an evangelistic service in Portland in 1872. The evangelist's name was the Rev. George C. Needham and because of many conversions, his name was on everyone's lips. When the candy maker came back to his shop after one of the services, his candy makers were making a new candy. When he asked the name of this candy, a young candy maker said, "Call them Needhams". They are still made today, not only by the candy store, but by all of us Maine-ers who love to cook. Needhams are made with coconut and have a dark chocolate coating. They remind me of a Mound candy bar. They are delicious.


I love Mounds! But the recipe has potatoes. I find the candy NOTHING like a Mounds.

I continued my search. I found a woman Linda Lenberg up in Norway who makes thousands of these every week. She owns Linda's Gourmet Chocolates - The Maine Needham Company



She says it's not a Needham if it doesn't have that potato in there!

Also know as the "Maine Potato Candy"  Needhams are a Maine tradition, and we've taken the original old fashioned recipe, and transformed it into the most delicious treat you can imagine.  Yes, there's potato in there, but trust me...  You'll never know it!

Rich moist coconut filling surrounded by a dark, melt in your mouth, chocolatey coating.  If you're a chocoholic who loves coconut, you have to get your hands (actually your lips) on one of these.


See? Again, sounds delicious! Have I just not had the right one? Do you guys like these things? Do I need to like them to be a real Mainer?


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