And this is not it.

No. I did not get a spiffy sports car. Mostly because I'm not a middle aged man (well...) and have something to prove.

I am a middle aged woman with a family of 5 - so I went with a Kia XS from Bill Dodge. It's really nice. In fact, it's the nicest car I've ever owned. Hell, it's the only new car I have ever owned...ever. I have only owned trucks before friends gave me their 2001 Mazda Tribute.

I feel like a little kid in this car. It's amazing. It's and it's really, really nice! I kept saying to the sales guy (Seth) 'I don't deserve's too nice.' But ya know, I do deserve this. And I will drive this thing until it's falling apart.

I donated the Mazda to the American Cancer Society in honor of my mom Lucy, and my friend Kim's mom Joan who both passed away from cancer. It's a program called, 'Cars for a Cure'. I'm not even kidding. That's fate.

So. As I say goodbye to that sweet little Mazda and say hello to my amazing new Kia...I thought I'd do a little before and after.


I love it, and Bill Dodge was great. And for those of you who know...that 'thing' under the passenger front seat in the Mazda...I kept it.