So, I'm not sure what happened...but my clock was completely screwed up!


This is what happened Friday night...



Wednesday, February 6th in the year 2036.  37 years from now. I would be 90 years old. I have no idea why my car decided to jump ahead in years. And months....and time. Nothing was right.

I tried to fix it and couldn't. I'm all about signs. What could this be telling me? Can you imagine if it was future me trying to communicate with me? Or my parents? What does it all mean?

It probably just means something is off in my car and I'm actually getting it serviced today! But, in the off chance that it DOES mean something, does anyone know numbers? is there anything significant about the time, month and year? I tried to look up numerology on line. I was instantly confused. Much like I'm confused by my 401K...numbers ya know.

So, that's why I'm asking you:

  • is this significant?
  • is it just a glitch in my car?

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