If you're born and raised in Maine or have spent enough time in Vacationland, you know that there's a handful of towns and cities on the map that could easily be mispronounced. No city in Maine feels the pain of that more than Bangor. From politicians to national weather people to famed musical artists, everyone and their second cousin seems to want to pronounce Bangor as Bang-er. So what does a city do when people just can't get it right? Clearly, you create an anthem.

Shared on YouTube by Sutherland Weston Marketing Communications, "We Are Bangor" is a reimagining of the song "We Are The World' and was put together by local business people, first responders, TV personalities and even Grammy-winning composers. Even if you're not from Bangor, it's a catchy enough tune where you can still feel a little bit of statewide pride. But will it help?


The sad reality is probably not. Bangor has been on the map for a variety of different reasons for decades now. It's international airport has been in headlines dozens of times with politicians still mispronouncing the name. Waterfront Concerts has tons of big name musical artists rolling into town this year and at least a couple of them will mispronounce Bangor of just skip the city name and opt for the all-encompassing "how we doing Maine?". No matter how many passive-aggressive tweets Keith Carson directs at them, someone at The Weather Channel is going to butcher the Bangor name at some point during the winter. Such is life. Long live Paul Bunyan.


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