I can't make this stuff up...we had a great chat.


I suppose I should explain myself a bit. As you know, Cans for a Cure is gearing up for it's 16th year. In the past, the money raised has gone to the Cancer Community Center in South Portland. Well, last year the Dempsey Center merged with the CCC and now there are two locations of organizations that help those fighting breast cancer (and all cancers!)

This is great news as the services the Dempsey Center provides is to help anyone going through breast cancer with things that heal your heart and soul. And all those services are free.

Well, now it's the Dempsey Center - and that was started by Mainer, Patrick Dempsey. I talked to Patrick for a good 15 minutes about Cans for a Cure. He was 100% aware of the fundraiser and open to help anyway he could.


I told him about all the exciting things we had planned this year and his last words to me were (and I'm not making this up) -

Whatever you need. Just tell me.

I put my hand on his shoulder and replied,

You might regret saying that.

He said he would not, and that he's serious. Patrick knows that people know about the Dempsey Challenge, but might not know exactly what the Dempsey Center does. He wants to truly reach 4 times as many Mainers as they currently do...and we can help him do that.

So...scoot over Lou, I got me a new bestie! I can't wait to help more Mainers this year with the help of one of the cutest Mainers ever.


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