Like any big city, parking in downtown Dallas is at a premium. So when I found a spot when I visited last week, I thought I had the perfect plan until it all backfired thanks to one car.

My girlfriend Michele and I were spending the day touring downtown Dallas. The first place we wanted to stop was at Dealey Plaza, the site of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Lucky for us we were there on a Sunday and found a lot nearby that was just $5 to park for 10 hours. Sweet! You can't even find that deal in Portland on a Sunday as most lots go for $5 for just one hour.

It had a kiosk where you paid for your parking with a credit card. You just had to enter the space number you were in and you had that spot for the 10 hours. You just had to place the ticket it gave you on your dash.

Dallas Parking Receipt 1

After our visit to Dealey Plaza, we wanted to go across town to the Dallas Arboretum. I didn't want to lose the time we had for that space, but there weren't many people in the lot so I figured we'd be okay as long as no parked in space 206.

Two hours later we came back to a completely empty parking lot, except for space 206.

Single Car

Seriously? And someone was sitting in the car with their dog with the engine running too!

I didn't want to ask the person to move, because that seems like a jerk move. I thought about just parking in a open space and putting my ticket back on the dash, but if the odds were not in my favor once with this car, my bad luck was probably going to continue. So what did I do?

Dallas Parking Receipt 2

Hello spot 224. Goodbye $5 I tried to avoid spending. I'm such a loser.

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