Ever since Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony to pursue a solo career and we started playing her songs on Q97.9, I've struggled pronouncing her name. I only took one year of Spanish in high school, so the proper way to say her name goes against everything my brain tells me.

I panic every time I try it live on the air thinking I'll get it wrong. I always do. I either say "ka Mill Ah Ka Bello" or "Ka ME ya Ka BAY Yo." Every time I screw it up, Lou and Kylie before her, correct me and I STILL do it wrong.

So today, I made myself a cheat sheet.


I shall have this in front of me at all times in my effort to try to sound like a radio professional.

I'm not the only one who mispronounces it however. Camila was on a radio show in the UK where she let everyone know exactly how to pronounce her name.


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