The good news is I don't need to head to rehab!

Okay, let's start with the back story - Friday night, I'd gone out with friends in town. We hit up Otto's, Bonfire, Rosie's, and Bubba's. Slightly hungover Saturday morning, I received a message from Jenny on facebook... whom I didn't recall meeting the night before. Behold the craziness of this exchange:

At this point, I'm really thinking I've lost my mind. I was nowhere near the Casco Bay Lines building Friday, and I was either alone or with two friends all day...

Lime green jacket? The realization hits me. That. Wasn't Me. And whoever it was pretended they WERE!

NEEDLESS TO SAY, Jenny and I are both incredibly weirded out by this mysterious woman and her nonchalant impersonation of me. So the search begins - who is my doppelganger, what is her name, and why does she think she can tell our fans that she's me?!