Maine’s Weather Forecast

Last week, the weather was all over the place. We had our cloudy days with hellish wind and we had our sunny blue skies sprinkled with white fluffy clouds. For the most part, the forecast was fairly precise, with Charlie Lopresti giving a more accurate depiction than the clueless Apple Weather App.

Then Friday hit.

The forecast, which I look at daily because I dress properly for every occasion, predicted the weather to be cloudy, cold, and windy, with even a slight chance of some rain at some point in the day.

So, I threw on some warm leggings and a t-shirt layered with a rain jacket and vest. When I took my first steps out into the world in the morning, I was comfortable. I had made the right choice.

Only two hours had passed and it was time for me to walk to my car again. I had been in the office and hadn’t walked by any windows, so when I stepped foot back outdoors I was quite literally blinded by the sun. I quickly covered my face, squinted, said “what the hell?” out loud involuntarily, and then looked around extremely confused to find the weather to be sunny, cloudless, and really freaking hot out.

I had to make my way to Freeport for an appointment and found myself walking down the sidewalk dripping in sweat. I then made it home to make small talk with my grandfather about how bright and sunny it was and how it had taken us both by surprise.

Then 5 minutes passed.

I was sitting in the kitchen with the lights off because the natural light was blaring from the sun then it was as if a switch went off and my kitchen was dark enough that I actually had to turn the lights on. The next thing I know, a torrential downpour hits and wind is blaring around the house and it felt like a southern Florida monsoon.

Then a handful of minutes passed and it was bright, sunny, clear skies again.

That happened maybe three more times, and all the while the weather app had no idea what was going on. I had outdoor concert plans that evening and the confusion and rollercoaster I was on kept me on my toes all day. I’ve lived in Maine my whole life and I know our weather is unpredictable, but what the hell was that…

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