Quite honestly, the best part about this whole story (other than the viral video itself, which is nothing short of absolutely amazing) is that the mother didn't actually have to defend her daughter's comments.

She still did, because that's what Mama Bears do and, honestly, all the respect to her for doing that. But it was more of a pre-emptive defense rather than a defense out of responding to negative comments.

Which, quite honestly, if anyone would have tossed out negative comments in response to what this young Mainer said, and in essence, "go after" a kid -- you'd deserve to have Karma eat your soul.

betches via Instagram
betches via Instagram

WMTW Weather Forecast

Occasionally, weather reporters throughout New England will visit schools to tell youngsters about the weather, how their job works, how they predict the forecast, and in some cases, actually give the forecast live from said school.

That happened within the last few weeks with WMTW meteorologist Ted McInerney, who is known to visit schools throughout the academic year to do everything listed above and then some.

On a recent visit to an unknown school, when his forecast called for a killer week of weather, he asked one of the students at the school he was visiting if she wanted to be outside since it was going "to be nice this week."

Her response? Legendary. So legendary that video of the response has gone viral on Instagram with over 1 million "likes."

No, I'm a couch potato.

Now, there are plenty of adults and parents that would immediately take issue with that.

Kids shouldn't be locked up inside on smart devices or video games! They should be outside and active!

And then follow that up by belittling and shaming the parents of a child who just called themselves "a couch potato."

Thankfully, that didn't happen. But this child's mother came to her defense anyway, possibly as a "just in case."

In the comments section of the video that was posted to (and went viral on) Instagram, a woman with the IG handle of toriestaples identified herself as the girl's mother, and immediately addressed anyone saying her daughter should be outside.

...she is not actually a couch potato. She just loves to make people laugh.

But again, thankfully, most of the comments were positive and even highlighted the fact that it seemed like her classmates really enjoy and love her.

Plus, let's be real, if you had the option to be a couch potato every now and then, wouldn't you want to be one?

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