No more waking up at 2 in the morning!

After eight years on Channel 8 (funny), Christina Frank is moving on from telling us the day's news. Her last show will be Friday, January 26.

Christina Frank WMTW Facebook
Christina Frank WMTW Facebook

She shared on her Facebook page, that after 15 years in TV news that has taken her through Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, Kansas, and now here in Maine, she's hanging up her news hat. Christina is going to go into public relations and communications. It's a perfect transition!

If you don't know Christina from the thousands of news broadcasts, you may have caught her TikTok from Christmas of 2022 when her little one wasn't fooled by Santa Bob.


I am always amazed and impressed with local morning news anchors. They not only have to wake up early (I do too for my job) but they also have to look good (I do not...and often don't)!

Who will replace Christina Frank on WMTW?

No word on who will take over for Christina on WMTW, but it will be sad to see her go. She has great chemistry with Jessica Gagne who recently joined WMTW on mornings. But if I had to get up at 2 am and look good, then report the news (good, bad, and ugly) every day I wouldn't have lasted 15 years for sure. But getting up a couple of hours later and barely putting on a bra, I've lasted over 30 years.

We wish you well Christina! No matter what you tackle next, you'll crush it!


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