For years and decades, weather forecasters across the country (well, possibly around the country, but most definitely confirmed in Northern New England) have visited young nuggets at local schools for a variety of reasons -- to teach kiddos about the weather, read them a book, do a live hit, or all of the above.

Meteorologist Ted McInerney

One of the reporters seen frequently visiting Maine elementary and middle schools and both giving information to and "wow'ing" kids with weather facts is none other than Channel 8 WMTW meteorologist Ted McInerney.

Ted McInerney via X
Ted McInerney via X

WMTW Bus Stop Forecast

Recently, Ted was on the road once again visiting a Maine school, where he was doing a live weather hit with a group of students as part of his Bus Stop Forecast feature, which gives kids (and mostly their parents) a heads up of what to expect in the early morning hours while students wait for the bus.

Southern Maine 70-Degree Weather

Some of the biggest talk of the week is that over the next handful of days, areas of Maine (mostly in Southern York County) and about half of New Hampshire can expect a summer feel, with temperatures hitting the 70s in certain areas.

But while live on-air with the group of students, Ted looked ahead to early net week, where, according to his Maine's Total Weather forecast, things look a bit wet for Halloween night, which may obviously a damper on trick-or-treating. That's when Ted turned the microphone to one student in the crowd and got an answer that made him lose it with laughter mid-report.

I say that sucks and how am I gonna get MY FREE CANDY?!

First off, Ted's reaction is absolutely priceless. Secondly, that line needs to be put on a t-shirt.

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