Ice Cream Challenge

Challenges on TikTok seem to fade out as quickly as they come on and take social media by storm, and it seems like every single day there is a brand new challenge that people can take part in.

One of the most popular ones that popped up last year was the Ice Cream Challenge, which generally took place at ice cream stands across the country and involved an ice cream stand employee "getting an order wrong," taking the ice cream right off the top of the cone and throwing it at a coworker.

One of the best, most viral examples of last year's Ice Cream Challenge was actually recorded at a Maine favorite seafood restaurant.

S'Huckins Lobster Maine

Located in Baileyville, Maine, S'Huckins Lobster has gone viral multiple times, all for good reasons. Whether it's employees having fun behind the scenes and pranking each other (including ownership), or simply for having great service with delicious ice cream and seafood, S'Huckins has gotten plenty of love both across Maine and the country countless times.

And more love is on the way since the warmer weather is fully in effect across Vacationland and the late-arriving snowstorms have (hopefully) ended for the year.

Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash / liv.waycott via TikTok
Photo by Dylan Ferreira on Unsplash / liv.waycott via TikTok

S'Huckins Lobster Opening Date

Like many other season food stands and businesses throughout Maine, S'Huckins Lobster has announced their official opening date for the 2024 season.

Actually, it's announced two opening dates -- one for the Dairy Bar and one for the kitchen that's known for serving seafood deliciousness to locals and tourists.

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