Even though some people will see videos attempting to go viral on Instagram, TikTok, or another social media platform as eye-roll inducing, these types of videos can actually be not only entertaining, but also an amazing (and free) way to spread the word about your business.

Especially in a destination location like Maine, since we're deep into tourist season.

liv.huckins via TikTok
liv.huckins via TikTok

Ice Cream Challenge

There's been a recent trend on social media called the Ice Cream Challenge where an employee at an ice cream stand will present a customer with their ordered ice cream, only to be told the order was wrong.

The employee simply tells the customer it's no problem, takes the ice cream right out of the cone, turns around, and throws it at an employee working in the background. And while most of the Ice Cream Challenge videos out there are funny, it seems like S'Huckins Lobstah perfected it.

It's the almost emotionless response, the without-thinking scooping of the soft serve out of the cone, the effortless pivoting of the body, and the absolute velocity of the throw -- which was so forceful the smack of the ice cream hitting the background employee's head was magical.

But not as magical as the head turn and glare to end the video. No surprise this video, at the time of this writing, is 4.5 million views deep and climbing as you read this.

S'Huckins Lobstah in Baileyville, Maine

Aside from having delicious seafood and amazing ice cream, S'Huckins clearly has just a great spirit and sense of humor overall. In fact, this isn't the first time that a video like this has been posted on social media by them.

According to their Facebook page, last August, employees celebrated a birthday at S'Huckins with a good old-fashioned cake smash.

If a business is a fun place to work, odds are it's an even more fun place to visit as a customer. And S'Huckins looks FUN.

Also, if Mac Jones or Bailey Zappe don't work out for the Patriots next season, we may have a lead on a new bullet-throwing Quarterback...

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