Maine Gas Prices

Thankfully for the last few weeks, gas prices throughout Maine (at least the Southern part anyway) have been under $4/gallon. Barely, but still under $4/gallon. But it wasn't too long ago that they were mostly all at or above $5/gallon earlier this summer. Obviously a stupid amount of money but not as bad as California, which according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration reached over $6 back in June.

Midwestern vacation

Last week I took a cruise to the Western Caribbean with my friends from Tulsa, Oklahoma out of the port in Galveston, Texas. Instead of flying out to Houston and taking the shuttle to Galveston, I decided to make the road trip with my friends from Tulsa to Galveston. And while the road trip was long and hellacious, I noticed something on the drive back after the cruise that actually makes me think about moving to Texas.

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Texas Gas Prices

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, and no, this isn't an old picture. This picture was taken this past Saturday, September 10 (yes, of this glorious year 2022) at a red light somewhere in Willis, Texas. A place I've never even heard of, but am tempted to look at property prices for considering that gas there is under $3.

In fact, that wasn't even the cheapest gas that I saw at that red light. The light turned green before I had a chance to snag a picture, but just to the right of that Exxon advertising as for $2.98/gallon, there was another station that was offering regular unleaded for $2.95/gallon. $2.95/GALLON.

Meanwhile, this past Monday, the Irving at the corner of Tsienneto Road and the Londonderry Turnpike in Derry, New Hampshire was $3.51/gallon, and the Irving in Brunswick on Route 1 is currently sitting at $3.76/gallon.

Can New England be more like Willis, Texas when it comes to gas, please and thanks? Because I'm never leaving Maine/New England ever again.

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