These are my parents. Art and Lucy Voornas. There is one thing I NEVER did or would even consider doing with my parents - but I may be alone...


I noticed something lately. The 12-year-old every once in a while calls her mom by her name...Jennifer.

What? I never in my entire life called my parents by their first name. Hell, I didn't even know they had names. Up until both passed, I always called them Mom and Dad. The craziest I would get would be Ma and Pa.

When I hear Chloe call her mom by her first name...I don't know - it totally freaks me out. Doesn't freak Jen out at all. In fact, I have witnessed Jen calling HER mom by her name!

Is it generational? Is it just me? I was never told I couldn't call them by their name...I just NEVER even considered doing it. It seemed wrong to me.

So, either make me feel crazy or make me feel like I'm not alone. Do YOU call your parents by their first name, or have you ever? Or your kids address you by your first name?

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