Of course my license was up for renewal in 2020. Might as well have a souvenior of this crappy year.


Let's go backwards a bit. First, when my dad passed away 5 years ago, the kids had to go through everything in their house. I was going through my dad's wallet when I found a picture behind his license. Of all the photos I have, he kept one that I had taken when I lived in California and dabbled in wanting to be an actress. I was 19-years-old.


Well, well, well. Let's fast forward 30 years. This was my license in 2014.



But it's 2020. Let's see how well I handled it?



Okay...we've got a lot to cover.

  1. My height went down and my weight went up. I'm no scientist, but that is NOT the combo you want.
  2. My hair color is no longer brown, but gray. Now, the nice guy at the BMV did say I could say brown on my license...but I pointed out to him - IT'S NOT!
  3. Speaking of hair - I look like a reject of the live action Lion King. And yes, that IS a piece of my own hair swooping down on my forehead.
  4. I didn't wear any make-up. I have rarely worn make-up since March. My own version of wearing sweats every day. In 6 years when I need to do this again, you better believe I am wearing make-up and doing SOMETHING with my hair.

But, is there a better way to capture 2020? I don't think so...



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