This year The Q Bachelor was unique in that our bachelor was none other than our boss/favorite afternoon guy, Kwame.

Entries from eligible ladies from around Maine and New Hampshire poured in. Apparently, tall, dark, and handsome is a popular type.

Lori and I were tasked with widdling down the ladies to 3. We know Kwame well and wanted to make sure we were presenting him with the 3 candidates that we thought had the best chance of falling in love.

Enter Jenn, one of our three and the woman who won Kwame's heart.

The big date was held at The Rink at Thompsons Point...on one of the coldest nights of the year.

I was tasked with spying on the couple. The adventure can be seen in the video below:

Was it awkward? Yes. Are they in love? TBD. Are they now obligated to name their first child after me? Yes. In all seriousness, the two seemed to have a great time. Love or not, frienships were made. Plus, Jenn went home with a $500 gift card to Springer's Jewelers.

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