I went to Home Depot this weekend to buy a new electric lawnmower. I was fed up with the problems I had been having with my gas mower not starting when I need it to, or starting and then sputtering out and dying. Sure, I could have gotten someone smarter than me to tune it up, but the last straw was when I went to pour gas in it and the gas can leaked everywhere despite the nozzle being on tightly.

So in frustration, because I just needed to get my lawn mowed which was out of control, I went off to get an electric mower in hopes of putting the frustrations of gas powered mowers behind me.

I found the one I wanted and started to load it up onto one of those large flat carts that can hold big bulky items. I also picked up a new gas can that is a more modern design that shouldn't leak at all. This is where the embarrassment began.

Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons
Townsquare Media - Jeff Parsons

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The lawnmower was boxed and I quickly learned that if you are by yourself, putting a lawnmower in a box on one of those flat carts is a challenge. The wheels don't lock, so every time I would try to slide the mower box onto the cart it would just roll away.

Like a lot of guys, I don't like asking for help or for directions, so every time the cart would slide away I looked around to see if anyone was watching. I did this four times before I found a spot to wedge the cart up against a pallet of stuff for sale and come at it from the side. It wasn't easy, but it was on. Hopefully, someone wasn't watching on a security camera laughing at me.

Embarrassment didn't end there though. As I was wheeled my new lawnmower around the store after grabbing a new gas can and spray nozzle for my hose, I realized that everyone must be thinking I'm an idiot for buying a gas can for an electric mower. I could be overthinking it, but when a nice employee at Home Depot said they could help load the lawnmower into my car if I needed it, I felt the need to point out the gas can saying "I know this electric, but this is for something else that needs gas."

"No problem. I'm not judging," he said and went about his business. Yeah. I was overthinking it, but not enough to tell one other person on the way out who was looking at me. I might be a little self-conscious.

The last of my embarrassing moments was a minor one when I waited in line behind four people to buy a gift card at the service desk, only to learn they were at the self-checkouts and I could purchase them myself. "I'm sorry you waited all that time," the woman at the desk said. "No worries," I replied. "I've got time."

For the record, the electric mower works like a champ, even on the tall grass. I love it.

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