Why can't I ever recreate what I see online?


If you've ever made chicken breasts, you know there's that tendon that can be a chewy mess. If only there was an easy way of removing it. Well, this nice lady made a Tik Tok video...and that tendon was easily removed!


That seems easy! That video has over 4 million views! It must work. Well, I just happened to have some chicken breasts and thought, I'm gonna do that. I couldn't wait to have tendonless chicken on the grill!



What the actual what? How the hell did she get that out of the !@#$ CHICKEN?!

I was done...and then I thought, nope - she had a 'tender', which is a thin cut of the breast. I'm gonna do that, and THEN that tendon is gonna slip out just like that lady did it in her stupid video! Here we go - that tendon is mine!



Just to let you know, the burgers were amazing.