You know that saying, 'too good to be true'. Yeah...there's a reason for that saying and I learned it trying to buy a Teddy Bruschi jersey for a Christmas present.


One of the 7-year old boys wanted to get Jen a Teddy Bruschi jersey for Christmas. I told the little tyke I was on it! They both love this guy (who doesn't?)

Went on-line and within minutes not only found one (in her size) but at a price I thought was pretty reasonable. The website was extremely official looking and all was good.

Until it didn't show up. Didn't show up...didn't show...WHERE IS THIS THING?!

That's when it started to dawn on me, ahhhh crap - I've been scammed!

I went to Patriots Official On Line Shop. I was completely fooled. It looked soooo legitimate! Here's what you get when you go there now! Anyone know Chinese?

On the advice of EVERYONE, I contacted my credit card company and they are disputing the charge, refunding my money and investigating the company. So thank you for all the advice and calls. Here are some tips I wish I had followed to avoid getting scammed.