If your passport is currently collecting dust from a lack of travel, Maine has got a way that you can travel the globe without ever crossing state lines. Most people already know that many of Maine's towns were named for famous cities and countries from across the world. So what if you decided to take a "tour" of some of them? As it turns out, you can visit a lot of them in six hours or less.

Shared on Reddit by Lobstaman, a trip through 10 of Maine's worldly cities would take you about five hours and 30 minutes while putting about 241 miles on your odometer. The 10 towns listed on this "road trip" of sorts aren't the only 10 towns in Maine that are named for foreign places. Some of the towns omitted include places like Moscow, Lisbon and Madrid. But just like any world tour, you can't hit every place on one trip, right?

Of course, thinking about this world tour brings up the infamous 'world traveler sign' that exists in South Paris. From that point, some of Maine's worldly towns are listed on one sign with the mileage it would take to "get there from here". We're not sure if that sign inspired the famous Maine-ism "you can't get here from there".

So if you're looking for road trip ideas, you've got one now. Pack a camera and a few snacks and leave the passport at home. The world is waiting for you.

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