As the outages piled up and up and got me thinking - how does this stack up against the Ice Storm of 1998?


If you can imagine this, there are MORE outages for this Sou'Easter, than the Ice Storm of 1998!

Back in 1998, there was a combined 404,000 customers (CMP and Emera Maine) out of electricity.

For this storm, it's approaching half a million outages (CMP and Emera Maine).

What the hell is that?

I remember I got lucky in 1998. In fact, the ice storm got me out of jury duty. We were in the middle of a case, the storm hit and I was never called back.

Plus, in 1998, I never lost power. Not so lucky this storm. I have no power, no cell service! Uh, that's friggin' crazy!


Here's to CMP and all the work they have ahead! I love electricity and miss it so.

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