Monkey on the Loose…Maybe

In case you missed it there might be a monkey on the loose in Portland. This has come to light thanks to a post in the Portland, Maine Facebook group from a woman by the name of Anna McMurchy.

Anna states that she was driving downtown near Tandem Coffee and Bakery and saw an animal cross the road. Her brain immediately thought chipmunk, because that would make total sense, but upon a closer look, it appeared to be a baby rhesus macaque. Her friend in the car with her backs up her claim.

Anything is possible. One year we all believed in Wessie, didn’t we?

Monkey Watch 2022

The sighting has been reported to animal control so the proper avenues are aware. Plus, you know anyone in or around that area is keeping an eye out too.

So, what happens to the monkey if found?

It’s impossible to say for certain but Maine does have a stand-out option for exotic creatures.

DEW Haven

DEW Haven is located up past Augusta in Mount Vernon, Maine, and is truly a hidden treasure. DEW stands for domesticated, exotic, and wild, representing all the different creatures they welcome into their sanctuaries. They have animals common to Maine such as deer and bears, but also lions, tigers, and various primates. The traditionally wild animals that they have wouldn’t survive in the wild. They may have grown up in a circus setting, for example.

If there is a monkey on the loose in Portland, I can’t think of a better place for him to go than DEW Haven. He or she would certainly be in great company.


DEW Haven operates as a rescue and a zoo to support their efforts. Be sure to visit this summer. They are open now through August 28th Tuesday through Sunday 10 am until 5 pm. Beginning August 29th through October 9th they are only open on weekends from 10 am until 5 pm. All hours are weather permitting.

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