The West End of Portland, Maine's peninsula is set on the edge of one of the most magnificent neighborhoods in the city. Stately stone and brick mansions line the interior side of the street while the rolling green space on the hill face the jetport. On a clear day, it seems you can see to the end of the earth.

The Western Promenade is a favorite spot for sunset picnics and a peaceful end of the day retreat. The golden sky makes a gorgeous backdrop for lounging and relaxation after a chaotic day in the bustle of Portland's Old Port.

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Frederick Law Olmsted was one of America's foremost landscape architects, and his firm, the Olmsted Brothers, designed Portland's Eastern and Western Promenades, the grounds of the Governor's mansion in Augusta, State House and Capitol Park in Augusta, and the motor roads of Acadia National Park, among their projects.

Pack a meal, grab a blanket, and enjoy the historic and beautiful Western Promenade as the sun sinks into the horizon.

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