Maine is one of only 11 states that has a purple paint law....


Texas has had the purple paint law for a gazillion years, but in Maine, it was passed in 2011. We are one of 11 states to have the "purple paint law." They are, Texas, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Florida, Idaho, Arkansas, Montana, Arizona and Kansas.

According to Google:

In Maine, purple paint means "no trespassing." ... While states like Texas have had the law on the books for many years, Maine's was signed into law in 2011. Essentially, the law allows landowners to mark the boundary of their land with purple paint rather than post "No Trespassing" signs.


I had no idea.


They even sell paint JUST for this purpose! Seriously....



Now that I know this, I'm gonna keep an eye out. I don't know if I've actually ever seen this. And of all colors...purple? Wonder why purple...anyway - now you know!


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