I was at the TD Garden a lot this weekend for some NCAA basketball...but really, I just wanted to be on that damn jumbotron - and I was!!


First a little background. We went to the Garden Friday and watched Villanova beat West Virginia and then stayed for the game where Texas Tech easily beat Purdue (sorry Greg from Walgreens).

During the game, when they go to commercial it's called a 'floor time out'. There were a ton of those. Cheerleaders come out, the bands play and the jumbotron cameras catch you doing whatever at your seat.

No camera was near us for the 6 hours we were at the Garden on Friday. No worries, we had a Villanova vs. Texas Tech game to see Sunday!

The rule was, no peeing or getting up for food during the game. Half time is fair game. That's when Jen decided she was going to the bathroom, but since the rest of us broke the rule, we were all set! When all of a sudden, I see a jumbotron camera guy RIGHT NEXT TO ME! I scream at the kids,


And then it happened...we were on the big giant jumbotron! Well, I couldn't let that go, so I snapped a photo.


That white blob is me! Now...I don't know what the hell we looked like on the screen, because I was obsessed with getting proof I made it! The kids looked adorable of course...and well...I swear that's me! There were 19,000 people at this game - so pretty amazing that camera guy was RIGHT THERE! Hope I wasn't picking my nose before I noticed him!

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