Normally when you see Santa's laugh, it's just that Santa's laugh. But is this a joke?

Is it just me, or did you also cringe a little at this holiday greeting on PT's Showclub sign?


I was driving with a 14 year old who asked, 'What is PT's Showclub?' I think she may have thought it was some sort of place where some fun Christmas magic happens. Ya know, with Ho Ho Ho on their sign.

Well, I basically said that it was for grown ups and involved dancing and drinking and maybe a little bit of Christmas cheer - but adult Christmas cheer. She shrugged and went back to her phone. Thank God.

Meanwhile, I couldn't help by go 'there' with the sign. I immediately felt bad, but this has to be on purpose right? I mean, if they wanted some holiday spirit, they could have put on the sign 'Happy Holidays'....

Okay...on with fighting traffic and trying to remember that we're all in this crazy time together.

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