You've got one month before a new law goes into effect in Maine to cut down on distracted driving.


NewsCenter Maine says that Governor Janet Mills signed the bill to prevent drivers from

using, manipulating, talking into or otherwise interacting

with hand-held electronic devices or cell phones at the wheel.

It was back in 2011 that a law was passed that made it illegal to text and drive. But it's been hard to enforce. The bill's sponsor, Senator Bill Diamond hopes that the new hands-free law will keep drivers focused on the road and not their phones.

With this new law, any button you have to push to turn on or off something of a mounted cellphone in hands-free mode has to be done with one swipe, tap or push with their finger, according to the news station. If you are caught, you are looking at a 50 to 250 dollar fine.

News Center Maine reported this is a huge win for safety advocates, and they are holding a press conference in Augusta Tuesday to talk about the new bill and celebrate their victory.

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