There are a bunch on new and wild obstacles for our Insane Inflatable 5k coming up September 17th at Scarborough Downs. This is one of our new favorites that we can't wait to conquer. Ladies and Gentlemen,,,,meet SLINGSHOT



Slingshot catapults this 5K to the next level. Make your way up the hill, then slide down into this inflatable’s challenging depths only to be shot out the back end! Let's DO THIS,  Maine.

Steve Williams
Steve Williams


 If you've NEVER run a 5k before, this is the way to start. Insane Inflatable 5k is all about crazy and fun. You will feel AMAZING after you do it.  Try it! Why?

1) We don't time you. Zero pressure!

2) You get a medal.

3) Crazy costumes for you and your team are encouraged.

4) Kids and Teens love it.

5) There's a beer tent for you adults at the end!



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