Chet Jordan watches his wife go into Maine Medical Center every day and decided to turn his business into a PPE factory.


Chet owns Backwood BMP in Scarborough. He makes protective equipment (think bumpers) for snowmobiles. He realized that the equipment he has can make masks that are desperately needed at hospitals, like the one his wife goes into every day. He is using injection molding and it's working perfectly to make high quality masks. Now he has started Maine Mask. He's gone from protecting snowmobiles, to protecting people.

He not only can make a molded mask, but it can be custom to fit you - like a mouth guard! And he's giving them away to healthcare workers, essential workers and the general public. He is ramping up to full capacity where they can make up to 10,000 masks a day!

And they are reusable!

He said that right now his hardest problem is getting people to take him seriously. But he is 100% serious and has the technology and the desire to truly make a difference.

We believe ya Chet and we are rooting for you too!


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