Let me start this out by saying, I love people!

The other night I had tons of errands to run and while I finished up at Home Depot in Auburn, I noticed something spooky in the parking lot.

Of course, without my glasses on, I had to do a double take but soon realized that the skeletons chillin off the back of a truck were just a fun Halloween decoration.

How cool is that?

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

It got me thinking though. Because of how big this car decoration was, could it distract other drivers?

Please note, that I think this is amazing and I love the spirit but I would be lying if I wasn't curious about the law.

Is it illegal to decorate your car for Halloween in Maine?

No. What I found out is that unless you are covering your windows or mirrors, you're OK.

According to Wikihow, when you are trying to pick out decorations for your car make sure to choose ones that won't pose safety risks while you are driving. You don't want anything to impede your vision or the vision of other drivers.

You also should make sure that everything is securely attached.

Lizzy Snyder
Lizzy Snyder

You can clearly see that the driver of this vehicle has done an excellent job in securing their skeleton homies.

I'd be eager to know who it was. Do you?

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However, just keep in mind that if you happen to be the driver and come across something fun and silly like this on the road, make sure you continue to focus on your own driving.

With that said, stay safe, enjoy the festivities, and have a wonderfully HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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