What is raw water, and is it the fountain of life...right here in Maine?


Tourmaline Spring water from the Heart of Maine is the only spring water in Maine's history (and they think in North America) to ever be issued and exemption from treatment status. Their water is so naturally pure it exceeds every Federal and State guideline for drinking water straight from the ground.

It's source has the State of Maine Premium Grade Designation. This is a program designed by the state of Maine to represent only finest of Maine water. (Their source is currently the only Maine source to hold this designation).

They call it a 'true "healing" water with a history dating back since 1792.'  It's a controversial statement and some have said that you shouldn't drink water that isn't purified. But a lot of people stand by this water and order it by the case!

The founders are on the verge of something big - in fact, they are now in Hannaford Supermarkets here in Maine!

Co-founder Seth Pruzansky, reached out to the Q and said this:

Tourmaline Spring is in the 11th hour and I need help from fellow Mainer's. This spring is something that the state of Maine can be proud of. It's literally one of the last in our country.

Have you tried raw water, from a source that's about 150 years old? I may just pick up some next time I'm at Hannaford...


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