The Twilight 5K was Thursday night at 7pm at SMCC to benefit the Maine Cancer Foundation. It's the same course as the Tri for a Cure Triathlon. It goes in waves...first survivors, then men, then women and last but not least - families, friends, walkers and...hamburgers?  Yup.

Those are hamburgers! It's some clever advertising from b.good. A hamburger place in the Old Port! They were so cool. One of the gang was also damn fast coming in second overall for the men in his age group!

A big congratulations to all the runners. The goal was 125,000 dollars - you BLEW that out of the water raising 175,000 dollars!

I have run this race for the past few years, but this year was asked to help announce the runners as they cross the finish line. I was with Andy with All Sports Events. What a professional! He was amazing - and let me announce names with him as they cross the line! As a runner in the past, there is something about hearing your name that really gets you excited and validates that YOU DID IT!

It was a cool damp night, but it did not rain - and the course is beautiful. Only in Maine can it be 85 one day and you are scrounging for a sweater the next. Good luck to all those involved in the Tri for a Cure!

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