Who doesn't love Target? Who doesn't love getting a new, up-to-date car seat for your kid?! I think you know where I'm going with this. Target is back with their annual Car Seat Trade-In, offering a 20% coupon for any car seat you turn in, regardless of how used it is. What's even better is the fact that you can turn around and use that 20% coupon towards a new car seat, on sale now!

Their trade-in special is good through May 4th, at which point you can truck that old crusty goldfish-filled, outdated car seat in and get a new replacement for much cheaper than investing in one any other time of year.

Did you know that on average, car seats expire 6 years after manufacture? That means no buying car seats off Craigslist, off your neighbor, your sibling, or even reusing for too many of your own kids. Luckily, Target is here for you. Make your way to your local Target with that old car seat in tow for a 20% off coupon today!

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