I am a very proud Mainer.

I love boasting about our state. I love showing newbies around and dragging tourists to the must-see spots. I love sharing pictures online to make people jealous like, yeah, I really live here.

Sure, we have Cadillac Mountain, Portland Head Light, working wharves, and top-rated landmarks. When folks visit from out of town, there are the classic spots you bring them to because they are the places we are proud of the most.

Of these iconic places, we proudly have one of the country’s finest McDonald’s.

Fancy McDonald’s in Freeport, Maine

The charming and ever-growing town of Freeport is home to Maine’s fancy Mcdonald’s. Inside, you will find Big Macs and McChickens just like any other Micky D’s but within a beautiful building with unique 1800s-vintage New England decor.

I thought this was the ultimate McMansion in the entire country, one of the classiest McDonald’s you ever did see, but I have been mistaken.

Mcdonald’s Mansion

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day and stopped in my tracks when a certain post popped up.

That is a fast food restaurant! That’s a freaking MCDONALD’s!

The comments on the post are hysterical, with things like, “That’s Ronald Arthur Bartholomew McDonald II, indubitably.”; “this must be where all the playgrounds went…”; and “that’s a McBank.”

Apparently, this McDonald’s is in Independence, Ohio, and there’s no denying that this is a hell of a lot classier than the one we have here in Freeport.

I’m still in awe and amazed by our charming fancy McDonald’s but this one in Ohio is just insane.

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