Hello Visitors and welcome to Vacationland!

Thanks for coming. Apparently there are droves of you. Our economy could really use your help, this year more than ever. You know, because of that whole pandemic thing.

Now, don't be mistaken, that whole pandemic thing is still going on. And there's a good chance that you're leaving a state that's doing worse than ours. We've sacrificed a lot to get here.

While restrictions have progressively loosened over the last weeks and months, it's certainly not business as usual and we hope that you'll recognize that.

We hope that you'll wear a mask, and just as important, don't take out your frustrations over having to wear a mask on your restaurant server, grocery store employee, or anyone else you may meet while you're here. One restaurant in Old Orchard Beach, The Brunswick, has been incredibly transparent about how their staff has been treated and I think recently said it best, "Your kindness means so much more than your money right now."

Listen, I'm super stoked that you get to have a little vacation this weekend. Seriously. That's awesome. Many people don't have that luxury because they were stuck without a job for three months. Can you imagine how tough that must have been? Can you imagine finally getting back to work and then getting berated by customers day in and day out because of mask enforcement? Terrible, huh? And it's happening. Please don't add to it.

Please be kind, please be gracious. And please be smart. Depending on how long you're here you could be doing some grocery shopping. Shopping side by side with our elderly and vulnerable. The mask isn't for you, it's for them. It's a courtesy. It's respect.

So, enjoy your lakehouse, your cabin, or the pull-out couch at your sister's. Enjoy the break and all the beauty we have to offer and remember that we're all humans just trying to get through this crazy year. Please, don't make it harder on anyone.


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