A video captured on a cell phone of a convenience store customer became one of the final viral videos to make the rounds in 2020.

The viral video took place on Christmas Eve at a Circle K in Ohio.

There are two men at the checkout counter and one is obnoxiously yelling racial slurs at the other. Fed up with being yelled at this guy smacks the other with a tall boy Twisted Tea. It was honestly the smack heard around the world, at least the Internet. And the beat down didn't end there.

WARNING: NSFW language & violence

While I'm not one to typically condone bashing someone up against the head with a tall boy Twisted Tea, I do condone the memes that were birthed from this confrontation.

One small convenience store in northern Maine got in on the meme-ing, Waite General Store in Waite, Maine is now offering self-defense cans! Must be 21 years or older to purchase, of course.

As we head into 2021 can we all agree to not be racist?

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