Have we been fooled?

Internet skeptics think the video that went viral earlier this week is a hoax. It shows a dresser falling on top of a 2-year-old boy; then, his twin brother somehow manages to push the dresser off of him. The incident was captured on a nanny camera, and the boys' mother, Kayli Shoff, said she decided to release the video as a public service about the dangers of unsecured furniture.

According to the New York Post, the doubters believe the video is not real because:

  1.  The dresser drawers are empty.
  2.  The direction of the nanny cam: It's pointed at the dresser instead of the boys’ bed.
  3. It's suspicious that no one heard the toddler crying or the dresser falling.
  4. The father works at the company that sells the nanny cam.

It's difficult to believe that any parent would put the life of their child at stake to stage a video where the outcome could have been disastrous.

Watch the video again and judge for yourself. Let us know what you think.

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